Arcam cd72 cd player opinions please..


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Jun 5, 2002
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Is the Arcam CD72 as good as the reviews make out? I'm hoping to book a demo soon, however if any of you have any opinions, please post.. Thx.
It certainly is. Make sure you get the newer CD72T not the old CD72.
I've managed to find a s/h CD72 for £220 which i should have by the weekend.

Having demod a new one, it completely blew me away compared with my old Marantz CD52, which is so dull and lacking in detail it amazes me that i stuck with it for so long..

Whats the benefit in having the 'T' version over the other??? (Ithought that the main difference was the addition of CD text compatibility?)

The main difference is that the T version has a newer Sony mech, which gives improved playback and the Text option. I suspect that the main baords and PSU may have been tweeked also.

The Sony Mech is also used by Rega and a few other companies, mainly because there are so few good CD mech's left to choose from. Most these days are becoming DVD ones instead.
Just installed the Arcam and to say i'm impressed is an understatement.

Unfortunately the missus spotted it straight away as even she could tell the sound quality had gone up a fair few notches. TBH she didn't moan as she likes it as well..:)

Next upgrade path will be an amp to partner the Arcam and my B&W601's, A65+ probably with P75 power amp..
Originally posted by dazzlew
Next upgrade path will be an amp to partner the Arcam and my B&W601's, A65+ probably with P75 power amp..

I've always been advised ( a number of times from lots of shops and people) that spending the same money on an integrated amp is better than spending the same money split between a cheaper integrated and a power amp. Paying for extra power supplies, cases, packaging etc. Note I'm not talking about pre/power combos here.

However if you already own an integrated then adding a matching power amp can be a good upgrade.


I'll just get my fireproof jacket and wait for the protestations :)

dazzlew, IMHO fastedd is right
skip the a65+ and power amp and look more towards the A85
A fine combination with the A72.


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