Arcam CD72 and drive noise



I just got my new CD72 and am very impressed by its audio quality. But there is one thing I am a bit astonished: one can hear the drive working when playing a CD. If I compare it to my ten (or so) year old Denon 1460, it is clearly louder.
By the way, you must go quite near to hear it but you hear it!
What I want to know is, if this is a bug of my device or if it works as designed.
Thanks for your answers.


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i can certainly hear my cd73 running when it is playing a cd but as you say your head has to be quite near the player.. for me it is not usually a problem as i cant say i hear it with music playing despite often only being a metre or so away from the cdplayer


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I seem to remember reading about this somewhere but I cannot think where. I had this as a player when I auditioned my AV300 and you could hear it when you went up to change CD's. Didn't make any difference to the sound though but it did seem rather strange. My CD23 is almost silent must be to do with different drives??

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