Arcam CD36 vs. Rega Saturn

dead of night

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HI, these two CD players are in the same price range. Has anyone had a chance to hear both? How would you compare and contrast the sound?

Eddie B

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Hi there, I've listened to both of those players and they are both lovely, however I would say the Saturn is the better player. I found it more involving , more musical and it has fantastic sound stage, wouldn't be out of place mixing with some of the top players out there. For £1300 I think you'd find it hard to get better value for money.
Having said all that you should always try and audition though:thumbsup:
Hope this was helpful


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How about chucking in a Cyrus CD8x into the audition? This legendary player has been WHAT HI-FI's best player in the £750-£1500 cat for the last 3 years. It is really that good.:clap:


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Yep, I have the Cyrus set up in my 'listening room'. Music seperation is clean & immense, Clarity is well defined and the base is quite tort and brings out a warmth to the room. It's hard to describe but the other day I was listening to Bryan Ferry 'Jealous Guy' and I found the music levels so engaging - I could hear the sound levels increase & decrease from chorus to chorus and every chord was different from the last. It was like a live band playing, even though this was from the studio recorded version. One thing though, my set-up does include the Cyrus 8vs Amp & Cyrus PSX-R Power supply which refines and cleans the music even more. This will increase your £££ budget though, but highly recommended for musical heaven. They've been out for a while now so you may get a good deal somewhere. Well worth an audition.


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dead of night,

I have but the problem with a request like this is that it purely personal opinion and depends so much what one wants out of a system, and what you are matching it with. Yes I listen extensively to both (and quite a few others) before I chose a CD36. I cherish detail from my sources and apply some warmth in stereo from a valve pre amp. So I found that the CD36 was a cracker and perfect for me matched with a valve pre rather than say a warmer CD player with a C31.

I have a great dealer that loves to participate in listening reviews at the shop and will then let me take home short-listed stuff to try in my system. I personally found the CD36 an improvement on the 192 that I tried though it was lovely and great value for money. I very much liked the Cyrus CD8x though IMO it had to have the additional power supply to match the CD36. With the power supply hooked up, my dealer slightly preferred the Cyrus, I slightly preferred the Arcam. Different personal taste in the shop but after a few days at home, it was confirmed and the Arcam stayed.

I preferred both the above to the Saturn. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine player but it did sound subtly different to the other two. I don’t know if you would best call it musicality or simply a different house sound house sound. Sometimes items that sounded good at the dealers were slightly disappointing when I got them home and sometimes it was the other way around. So you must listen yourself, preferably at home. That being said, they are all fine players and I’m sure whatever your decision, you will be happy with any of them.:)


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Dont know if it helps but my Rega Apollo sounds more fun and musical than my Arcam DV29 - I think the DV29 is as good as any sub £1000 CD player (especially compared to my old MF X-series stuff) but the Apollo (and this is a cliche) is more enjoyable.

I hear the Saturn is better still but I dont know what the extras are - the Apollo is good enough for me.

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