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Arcam CD192 is skipping during playback


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My CD192 is a little over 2 years old (warranty expired) and recently started skipping while playing back CDs. Nothing dramatic but you hear a click miss a bit of music. It used to skip after playing a CD for about 30 seconds, but after the laser unit replacement it skips after about 1 minute (varies from disc to disc and from playback to playback) and may skip again during the same song or the next few. If I 'rewind' the song several seconds, my CD192 would play the same stretch (it previously skept on) without problem.
The CDs are orginal and play well in other players. My troubled CD192 also stops skipping after an hour or so of use and plays without any problems. Almost as if it needed to warm up (I know it sounds rediculous).
The authorized repair center is not familiar with the skipping problem and their approach is to start replacing parts; they already changed the laser unit and the next suspect is the cheap Sony transport that CD192 is equipped with. Since I am paying parts and labor for each replacement (not to mention the time to bring my CD192 to and from), I am interested in the most direct way of identifying the source of the problem. Has anyone else experienced this 'skipping' problem and what resolved it for you?


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Hi PM181,

I have an Arcam CD72T CD player that I bought new. I have had it now for 8 years, and so far it has never skipped.

Your Arcam CD192 which is a lot newer than mine and far more expensive as well, could be having dust on the lens.

Have you tried using a Russ Andrews CD Lens Cleaner or an Isotek Full System & Rejuvenation Disc?

This is what I still use once in a while.

P.S Keeping your CDs dust and finger print free may also help to prevent it from skipping.

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Thanks for the idea but I already took my CD192 to the authorized dealer/repair center and they replaced the laser unit in its entirety. I did see the new unit and the leans is sparkling clean.


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With my CD82 the laser drive needed replacing. Skipping was infrequent, rather there was a distortion indicating tracking problems. You should have no further problems now that it's been properly repaired.


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This is the exact problem that I have had with my CD36, fortunately it was still under warranty and although Arcam say that they were unable to duplicate the fault & after having to return it twice (I was without it for 2 months) they replaced the laser unit & it appears to be ok now, fingers crossed. The first time it went back they changed the DAC board & display board that had no affect.


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Just a suggestion. Try phoning Arcam service direct on 01223 203220. They are one of the better manufacturers After-Sales departments and will be happy to help with out of warranty problems.


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My CD192 is still skipping even after the replacement of the laser unit. The original one was Sony KSS-213CL and was replaced with KSS-213C (not sure if OEM or not). The replacement did fix another problem that the player experienced: sometimes it would not recognize a CD and I would have to unload it, load the empty tray, wait for the 'no disc' message, open and re-load the CD and then it would work. With the new laser unit this problem is gone but the skipping still remains.
The skipping is not easy to fix because it is rather random and disappears after awhile. Sometimes the skipping stops after the playback of the first track but once I load a different CD the skipping starts again. Then after an hour or so of playing the skipping disappears completely until the next day (or sufficient power off period).
I sent an e-mail to Arcam Service with the problem description; with so many people having the 'skipping' problem they should know what the culprit might be; perhaps I need KSS-213CL and not KSS-213C and it must be genuine Sony. I will wait couple days for their response and then will call them as suggested (thanks for the phone number).
Will keep you posted.


I have an Alpha one cd player and had the same problem......cd skipping on playback, usually on the first couple of tracks.
I put a spot of machine oil on the motor spindle, so that it seeped down into the bush. The problem disappeared and the player now seems to sound better than it did before.
Its so easy to do .....its worth trying.



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My CD36 required a replacement drive mechanism and main board to fix a problem where disks were not recognised. Perhaps a replacement laser just isn't enough.


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The skipping in my CD192 has disappreared and here is the quick summary of what fixed it. As you probably already read, I did have the laser replaced (with a generic one, $30 for both the part and labor) and it did fix the annoying 'no disc' problem. The skipping however continued and I had to take apart the transport module to see if I can locate the cause. What I found was a little bit of dry lubrigant on the vertical cog which is moving the laser unit along the disc. I looked at the old laser unit and noticed the lubrigant between the two 'toothy' parts and a little bit on their teeth as well. The new laser unit does not have any lubrigant. All I had to do was to clean up the residual lubrigant from the vertical cog (did it with a dry toothbrush) and to reassemble the transport unit. No skipping for about half a year now.
As a side note: I haven't called Arcam but sent several e-mails describing the problem with my player; haven't received any response.
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