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Do any arcam cd players currently use any technology that could be used to get rid of the awful clipping that i hear on a lot of modern cd releases?

Would this kind of feature be easy enough to design in some way?

i only ask because at the moment i really cant see the point in forking out loads of cash on a top notch cd player only to hear digital distortion because the cd has been mastered far too loud.

i know this hot mastering topic has been discussed a lot amongst music fans, but i wondered what the people who design and make money from audio equipment have to say.

Id personally like to see level meters on cd players. if more people could see how stupidly cds stay in the red things may change.

id also like to see some kind of function implemented to round off the flat square waves created when a cd has been mastered too loud. it might not cure the lack of overall dynamics but it would help get rid of digital 'crackling'.

if all hifi manufacturers implemented and made a deal of the fact that their equipment had this feature, more people might start asking 'Why do we need this technology in the first place?' and then with good reason 'why the hell cant the record companys just start releasing quality mastered cds again?'

recent cd of note: White Stripes - Icky Thump. distorted as hell on most of the tracks. does any cd player make this cd sound ok?

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