Arcam CD 92 or DV 139


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I moving house and looking at space issues
I have a Arcam CD92 and DV 79 at the moment and looking to replace both with a DV 139
I know the 139 is a much better DVD player than the 79 but would I get the same quality CD reproduction from the 139 as I do from the 92

Timmy C

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The CD92 is a very nice sounding player. If it were me I certainly wouldn't be getting rid of it based on other peoples opinions and without listening for myself.


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The question is whether you need to consolidate to a single player or not, or whether the CD92 is starting to cause problems such as mistracking. If the CD92 is still performing properly, I'd say stick with it as your stereo CD source. The DV139 will give you multichannel SACD, which you DV79 is missing, but not Bluray (or UHD).

BTW, an interesting option for a universal player if you do have to consolidate is the new Oppo UDP-205.

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