Arcam AVR850 Remote Control

General Skanky

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How do you reset it please?

Keeps freezing. Have to keep removing the remote control batteries.

Or is it am amp reset/firmware thing?


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It has an interesting characteristic ;)

If you press one of the inputs, the remote then switches to take control of (what it thinks) is the source device for that input. If you press the amp button again, the remote then returns to controlling the amp.

General Skanky

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Yes. Thanks. Knew that one.

It actually freezes up. Can't do anything until I remove the batts.

All the remote buttons flash together when I press anything but nothing happens.


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Sometimes happened to mine when the batteries got low. I was advised by my dealer to remove the batteries last thing at night, leave it overnight and then replace the batteries with fresh ones in the morning. On the odd occasions that the remote froze, this method always worked.

Having said that, I replace the batteries regularly now and haven't had the freezing issue since.


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Doesn't mean they were full charge though. Depend show long they were on the shelf and then put in the box. If I remember correctly, the ones that came with mine were rubbish too.

I use the Duracell long lasting ones. No issues since.

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