Arcam AVR850 Playing 5.1 DTS on 7.1 system


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I own the Arcam AVR850 and Arcam P429 amps and use them with my 7.1.4 system. I use an Oppo UPD-203 bluray player for films and to bitstream my 5.1 surround sound DTS CD's, my 5.1 SACD's and my 5.1 DVD-Audio discs. When I play a Dolby Digital-encoded 5.1 music disc, only the 5.1 speakers play - that's how I like it. However, if I play a 5.1 DTS surround music source, the amp sends the DTS signal to all 7.1 speakers. It also sends a lot more to the rear surrounds that the side surrounds.
All speakers are level balanced and distances are measured and put into my amp. I realise that if I set the amp to Dolby Surround then all music is sent to all 7.1.4 speakers. When I play the 5.1 Dolby Digital discs, I can set the amp to PCM 5.1. However, I cannot set the amp to DTS 5.1.
Is this just a case of turning off the rear speakers in the amp when listening to DTS Surround music? I want it in my 5.1 speakers only, as it was meant to be heard.

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