Arcam AVR850 no longer detecting Atmos signal


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I've had the pleasure of owning an AVR850 for about 5 months now and absolutely love it. I bought the Atmos demo Blu-ray Disc and it blew me away. About a week ago, the 850 stopped detecting the Atmos signal from source. I bought The Martian on UHD blu-ray and noticed the Atmos setting in audio on the disc, however, only played in Dolby TrueHD. I then tried the Atmos demo disc and this too failed to switch to Atmos on the 850.

This is my set up.

1. Latest firmware is installed
2. Height 1 in speaker types is set to L/R top middle small
3. Use channel 6 & 7 is set to use Height 1
4. Audio via HDMI
5. HDMI settings: HDMI 1 Out 1080P set to 4K2K
6. All cables seated properly

I'm absolutely stumped. Has anyone else experienced this before?


Back to the dealer for a warranty repair as it is only 5 months old


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I'll get my dealer to have a look at it, but I'm really hoping is not a repair job - I went through this with the AVR750. It's like owning an Alfa Romeo!!


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I've got to the bottom on this one and happy to say that it's not the Arcam at fault. I bought a Panasonic UB900 4K blu-ray player. The issue, bizarrely is that the Panasonic cannot recognise the Atmos signal on the disc, according to Panasonic it will only recognise Dolby TrueHD


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That doesn't sound right at all about the UB900, have you checked its thread, might be to do with how it's audio is set up i.e. Bitstream, PCM, etc.


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did you accidentally disengage dolby surround? It has to be on for the 850 to decode the Atmos metadata.


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I have had this problem today and yesterday, bugged the **** out of me.
How in the world does "Dolby Sourround" get checked "off" in the AVR without me doing anything.

Almost sold my AVR 390 out of frustration and bought myself a Marantz 7705 or something...

Ok Atmos is working but I am furious, how did Dolby Sourround get turned off, and no my family is not capable of this.

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