Arcam AVR850 in 2 Channel


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I'm considering the purchase of an Arcam AVR850 for hi-fi and home cinema (priority is hi-fi). I currently run a hybrid system with AV and hi-fi amps and a Beresford switch box. I rather like my Cambridge 851A hi-fi amp as it has 2 XLR connections into my Roksan Blak CD player and Cambridge 851N streamer. My Arcam dealer suggests that the DAC on board the Roksan is good and he would go via an analogue RCA pair for this and for the 851N go via coax or optical and use the onboard DAC of the Arcam. Can anyone with experience of the Arcam AVR850 comment on the stereo performance? I've read good reviews but personal feedback will be valued. Also, I'm nervous about changing from XLR connections an analogue RCA pair as I remember how big an improvement it was when I started using balanced connections. I realise the back of an AV amp is crowded but am I sacrificing quality by using RCA connections?


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I have an 850 and the stereo performance is excellent. Is it as good as the A49 stereo amp? I don't know, although someone in the Hifi forum is looking at comparing the 2. There is also the SR250, which is a stereo version of the 850.

The 250/850 have Dirac room correction software too, which even with stereo is amazing. I'd highly advise going to have a listen at a dealer. :)


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will you be selling your Cambridge audio set if decide to go arcam route maybe ? thank you


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hi All.

i have just bought an AVR850. got it yesterday.

i have had 2 different Devialet stereo amps, so i can say that i know how a Stereo sound should sound.

And i can confirm that a Arcam AVR850 sound surpricingly good in stereo. I have only used it for 2 hours, but i am really surprised that this is and AVR. It sounds like a stereo amp whem playing 2 channel content. It is very very musically. i am really suprised. I did read a lot of reviews but wanted to make my own impressions. and i am really a critic.

The 2 channel sound of this amp is really good. I will write more when i have used it for more hours. My old Devialet D400 took around 4 months to break in and it sounded terrible the first 2 months. this amps sounds good even at first listen.

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