Arcam AVR400 - No Sound


I've seen an Arcam AVR400 for sale here in the UK. It's very cheap (I think I can get it for £75), but the seller says that there's no sound when he connects speakers to it.

Also no remote + no setup mic, but I can replace those quite cheaply.

I don't think the seller has much knowledge of the item, and he only did a quick test. I'm unsure whether the amp is faulty or if he just hasn't configured it properly. Tempted to take a punt to see if I can get it going (full factory reset, go through all the configuration options, etc.). If it works, I'll have a lovely amp for a cheap price. If it doesn't, and I can't repair it, I'll sell it for parts or whatever & at least get some of my money back.

Gut feeling anyone?

Joe Fernand

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It’s your money and your gamble :)

Personally I’d keep looking elsewhere unless I had the option to pop the lid and had the knowledge to know what is going on inside it.


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