Arcam AVR400 / Naim Supernait remote clash


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I have an AVR400 being used as a preamp and a Naim Supernait powering the fronts, unfortunately the Arcam and Naim remotes clash!

Anyone know how to change the remote codes the AVR400 (I presume also AVR500/600 & AV888) use?

The Arcam manual says :-

"Change remote code - The default RC5 system code the unit responds to is 16. If required, for example due to another device in your system also using this RC5 system code, it can be changed to 19."

Although it says it can be done :) unfortunately it does not say how to do it! :(


If you look at the top of the column on that page in the manual it says

Extended front panel menu
Pressing the MENU key and holding it for longer than
four seconds will bring up the Extended Menu, allowing
you to perform the following:

And one of the choices in that menu is - Change remote code


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Thaks for that, can't believe I and my friend missed that! :) Right now I'm stuck again, I need to work out how to get my Logitect Harmony to use RC5 19?!?! :confused:
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