Arcam AVR350 volume issue


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Hi - I'd appreciate some advice on an odd issue. Playing a CD from my DV135 today I turned up the volume past 80.When the AVR 350 went from volume 78 to 79 there was an appreciable jump in volume in the right channel. I swapped the speaker cables over from left to right and tried again, and this time, as expected, the jump in volume was on the left channel.

Any thoughts? Thanks


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Thread necro - sorry.

I have exactly the same issue with my AVR280... In NE06 mode, the jump happens only on the right channel between 73 and 74dB. On Stereo, it's 78dB to 79dB...

It's only the right channel. Even if the input material is loud or quiet, it happens. I'll try updating the firmware as I'm on 1.12 and 3.43.


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Have you found a solution to the problem? I have exactly the same issue - Arcam AVR350 here, with tape input - going from 78 db to 79 db in Stereo mode causes significant volume increase in right channel...
Overall, it almost feels like the receiver should sound like it sounds in the above 79db range. Below it is somewhat dull, comparing with my Arcam AVR 200 with same sources. Any setup trick??

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