Arcam AVR350 Suitable Power Amp or better to start over?


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Hello, So I bought an Arcam AVR350 on Ebay UK with the original idea of using it to drive a 5.1 speaker setup (Celestion A1's, A5R's, A4C and a Rel Q100 sub) but that got me thinking given the pre-outs on the AVR350 would adding a power amp improve the overall experience? Price being less important to me than performance gain. Or as this will be in a relatively small room (4m x 3.5m) would this be a waste of time and I'd be better off spending the money (circa £2K available) on an entirely different setup? The media would be Movies, Music and Games pretty much equally.

Thank you for any and all suggestions on the above! :)


With your speakers being 4 ohm and 88db senstitive I would run them with the Arcam and see how they perform together. Arcam quote a continuous 100 watts with all channel driven, that ample power.


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Hi gibbsy, Thank you for your reply. Good advice. I'll go with your advice and see how it goes. Will report back on the outcome! :)

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