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Arcam AVR300 to Grundig Xentia w/s TV & waiting on Marantz Plasma

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Teddy2, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Teddy2

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    Jul 15, 2004
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    Canberra ACT Australia
    Be nice to me this is my 1st post.
    Have just purchased an Arcam AVR300 & Arcam DV79 DVD player! Beautiful combination considering the equipment I had before.
    I purchased the AVR300 based on its ability to switch RGB, but find it needs a special cable SCART to 3 RGB leads plus a mini 3.5mm plug to attach to the RGB/1 socket on the back of the AMP.
    The cable may be available here in OZ but I was quoted $2-300 for it (approx) called SQART or something by QED.
    Fortunately atm I am using SCART RGB o/p on the DV79 to SCART RGB on the Grundig & everything is rosy.

    So I forget about switching my equipment thru the amp as I am waiting for my Marantz Plasma to turn up.

    Anyway my dilemna is the Marantz in question is the 5040D which offers composite (yuck) S-video (getting better) also RGB H/CS /V (I think I can use this) & component (can definately use this) & a DVI (HDCP) compliant.
    Now I am hoping with the right cable I can o/p the HDMI o/p from the DV79 to the DVI input on the Marantz ($450 worth of Monster cable & adaptor)

    Most of my equipment is RGB though which consists of Pana DMR E 30 (RGB/s-video only, no component) Topfield PVR5000-T PVR (does SCART RGB & component) Foxtel Satellite STB (does SCART RGB/s-video) & a lowly Sony VCR (composite only)

    Now my question is I want to use my AVR300 as an RGB switchbox is this possible?

    Bearing in mind can I use either the 15pin RGB socket (looks like a PC VGA socket) OR is it possible to use the RGBHV on the Marantz TV?

    The AVR300 manual states that RGBHV & RGB (sync on G) are NOT supported.

    I am hoping that I can plug SCART RGB adaptors from the Pana/Foxtel STB/Topfield PVR into the AVR300 & then o/p RGB + composite sync to the RGB H/CS inputs on the TV.
    Will this work OR can I use the 15 pin RGB socket with some kind of adaptor.

    I am pretty new to this sort of stuff.. RGB SCART is a piece of cake to hook up to my Grundig...

    Cheers Teddy :)

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