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Hi All,

Sorry to be asking all the daft questions at the moment, but I am a new AVR300 owner, and I have loads of questions that you all out there know the answers to (I also new to the forum).

I want to upgrade my speaker cables. I am currently using very old QED 79 strand (from my student era).

My questions to the Arcam Forum is .... what speakers cables are you using front and rear ?

I've been looking at Chord, and QED ?

My Speakers are Mission V63, V6c, M5DS


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Fronts (L/C/R): Transparent Audio MusicWave
Surrounds: Transparent Audio HP14-2
BFA connectors


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Peasant me QED silver anniversary biwires for all three fronts. Good old Bose for the rest.


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I use QED Silver Anniversary cables all round for mine, but not bi-wired.


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katorik said:
My front three are biwired with Chord Rumour and the rears have a cheaper QED cable (£2.99 per metre I think).

What do you think of the Chord Rumour ? I read a rather scathing review of it somewhere, and it kind of put me off ?

Andrew K

TimHiFi said:
What do you think of the Chord Rumour ? I read a rather scathing review of it somewhere, and it kind of put me off ?

I think it is great. It can obviously work out costly for longer runs therefore I only use it for the front three. I used to have the QED cable on the fronts and changing over to Rumour defintely made a major difference.

The other advantage is the 'install' version as I run part of it under carpet. The 'install' version is the same cable but without the outer sleeve so you just get a twisted pair of the inner two cables.

It was recommended to me by contacts at both Kef and Chord as a good match.

malcolm mccabe

I'm currently using QED Silver Ann bi-wire for front and rears (peasant). But with one of my runs extending 12 metres (total is around 29 metres all round) I had to be a little cost concious..having said that it does sound blomin good..


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QED X-Tube 400 on fronts and QED silver anniversary on rears.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:


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Thanks guys

You've given me a few ideas :0)

I too have long runs to consider for the rears (about 12M a side)

The Cable Man from Chord recommended me the Carnival Silver Plus ?

Says it works well with the Missions


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