Arcam AVR300 & Sky HD Audio !


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I have a Sky HD box (Amstrad DRX890) connected to an AVR300 via the PVR optical input. Frequently, both the Dolby Digital & Dolby DPL lights on the AVR300 are illuminated at the same time and, in this mode, sound is broadcast predominently from the centre speaker giving a very compressed sound stage.

However, Dolby Digital only broadcasts sound infinitely better.

When both DD & DPL are shown on the AVR300, I have tried selecting different digital sound modes but cannot get DD only.

Is this to do with the Sky HD transmission or something to do with my set-up ?

Any help would be appreciated :thumbsup:


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Dolby Digital 2.0 needs DPL to stretch it out to 5.1, but is otherwise still just a stereo signal. Dolby Digital 5.1 is natively 5.1 already. This is probably the difference you are seeing. If I remember right SD channels use PCM 2.0 and HD channels Dolby 2.0 for stereo (or it might be the other way around, I get confused and I do this for a living).

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