Arcam AVR300 problem - 2 sec delay between tracks


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I just took receipt of a 4 mth old Arcam AVR300 from ebay - got it for 800 quid.

I am having a problem where the unit seems to take 2 seconds before i hear anything between music tracks or when i change sky channel - i guess it must be when the bitstream stops and re-starts.

This cannot be right and i have sent a note to Arcam support - i have scoured the manuals but nothing seems to point to such an issue.

Also, unfortunately I am just not getting the audio separation and soundstage i was expecting - i would say my 300 quid NAD L70 DVD/AV Receiver was doing a better job with my Castle Compact Columns!

Do you think I have a duff unit? I have tried different inputs and also this problem occurs with two different input sources so possibly it is the digital circuits / DAC which could also explain the sound as I am disappointed given all the wonderful things said about this unit.

Anyone seen this or got any advice????
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