arcam avr300 or stick with my denon avc-a1se ?


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I have an Arcam FMJ - DV27 and a Denon AVC-A1SE ( NOT UPGRADED ).

I would dearly love an all Arcam set up and in dream world would have the AV8/P7 combo but it is way above my budget.

I am attracted to the AVR 300 receiver but would be any great loss in performance compared to the Denon?




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You might not notice a lot of difference, as denon are quite good at prossesing.
But the 2 channel stereo might be an improvement.
Although i have not heard the 300, so i could very well be wrong.
Prob best for you to go have a listern.

I've stuck with my 3803 as i was only looking for a 2 channel improvement, so i've gone for an A90 to control my front L/R speakers.
i'm more than happy with the denon for movies at the moment.


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thanks for the advice.

I have gone for the avr300 and am very happy with it.

I wanted an all Arcam set up.

How is the DV89 ?


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The 89 is brilliant for both PQ and SQ and is the best player i have brought yet.
But as i have mentioned in many a tread.....i hate the layer change, so have gone back to a denon 2900 for dvd and the 89 is just for CD's.

I may also have a nearly all arcam setup, as am still thinking weather to upgrade my 3803 for a 300.
i will be keeping the A90 as i think this will be better for 2 channel than the 300.
But think i will try and get a good long demo of the 300 and see if it really is better than the 3803 for movies.

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