Arcam AVR300 Dying so need help picking replacement!


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I used to be pretty active on avforums many years ago but I've been so happy with my set up I haven't been around much since!

I have an Arcam AVR300 which is dying on me (presuming its the DSP board) and by the sounds of it would cost more to repair than it's worth. It's paired up to a DV79 that I barely use any more, a PS3 for bluray and a mac mini with plex for htpc - all powering a Pioneer plasma and AudioVector S1 Signature speakers.

The speakers require a bit of power to drive, and to be honest the only thing I haven't been happy with in the system is low volume performance - the speakers need a bit of oomph from the AVR300 before coming properly alive.

So to the long and short if it - what do I get to replace the AVR300?

I've been tempted by the gadgets on the Pioneer SC-LX85, but sound quality is more important than toys for me so I've also been looking at the Arcam AVR600. I'll stretch to the 600 if it's worth it but in comparison the AVR400 seems pretty good value, especially if they'll take my amp for £400 trade in on their current offer.

Any ideas?


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The AVR400 is the obvious replacement, and the AVR600 is not worth the extra. The logical alternative to Arcam is one of the Anthem receivers.


S/H Arcam 500 for about a grand IF you can live with the quirks


I'll second that recommendation, low on features but high on sound quality. Extremely good receivers indeed and the MRX700 at £2100 would drive your Audiovectors nicely.
Or save £1000, buy the Anthem 300 and buy a Poweramp to feed the AV's


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Thanks for all the feedback!

I went and auditioned the Arcam AVR400, AVR600 and the Anthem MRX700. To my ears (and tastes) the Anthem sounded a little brighter and harsher than both Arcams, which both have that lovely warm, mid-range rich sound I like. The AVR600 is definitely better than the 400, and when the friendly :devil: salesman mentioned that they had an ex-demo 600 for £1000 off list - I couldn't resist it.

Having got it all set up here at home now I love the 600 - makes me feel like my 300 was faulty or something. It's authoritative but full of finesse, picking out dialogue in the middle of a pitched gun battle with ease where my old 300 would just have got lost in a muddle. And best of all it does all of that even at low volumes, making my speakers come alive from the get go.

Justifying my own purchase? Maybe, but as long as I'm happy right? :)
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