Arcam AVR280 not 'picking up' digital input- Any ideas to help?


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Overnight my Arcam AVR280 is no longer producing audio from my Mac Mini. Instead of 'DIGITAL' being displayed on the front display it's 'ANALOGUE'. Nothing has changed & it has always been faultless...

Here is what I have donut try and get to the root of the problem myself:
1. Tried a different optical cable between the Mini & the AVR280.
2. Tried an analogue cable ('headphone' jack to L & R phonos; that worked, but I want digital)
3. Tried a CD player with the optical cables into all three optical inputs on the AVR280, no good.
4. At one point, after about an hour of dicking around, the sound returned and 'DIGITAL' came back onto the front panel of the AVR280, but within seconds the sound quality began to degrade to nothing and then it went back to 'ANALOGUE'. This was a low point. It has also lead me to the conclusion that my AVR280 has a problem.

I have tried my blu-ray, which I connect through 7.1 analogue cables and that works fine. I have also been through the manual, which states that the AVR280 will select a digital signal over an analogue one, but an analogue signal can be selected by holding down the correct source button for two seconds. I don't have any analogue cables connected to the source that serves my mac mini, but it is still showing "ANALOGUE' & I am getting no sound. This is getting in the way of me watching the football please help! Is there anything else I can try? I am also contacting ARCAM directly, but I now live in Finland & I'm not sure if they have any service centers here...

Thanks. :lease:


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If it is like the 350 there is a fairly common fault with the digital circuit board that causes the issue. By turning it off at the wall for a bit (overnight) you may get it to work again. But if not then it is a repair job which will not be cheap unfortunately.

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