Arcam AVR280/DV135 combo Vs Arcam Solo Movie 5.1


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I am grappling with this choice as both work out to be about the same price. As far as I can tell they stack up as follows:

Arcam AVR 280/DV 135 Combo: Pros: Seperates so they must(?) be better! More amp features than I may need, HDMI switching Cons: More boxes, no DAB

Solo 5.1: Pros: One box, DAB, Great reviews
Cons: Compromise sound quality Vs the 280/135 combo?

My setup is Sony Bravia X46000, Blue room minipod fronts, Bose VCS 10 Centre, Jamo A10 rear surrounds, and Jamo sub. My use will probably be 70% Sky HD, 20% DVD and 10% Music.

Any views? Or pros/cons I have not thought of?



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Please replace the Bose center first :lesson:

(...sorry couldn't resist...)

I would go for the flexiblity of separates if space isn't an issue and you don't care about DAP. Also I think the solo supports the rDock so you have better options when it comes to iPod. Not sure if the avr280 support the rDock.

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