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Hi there,

I have an Arcam AVR100 and I just wondered if anyone has compared this to the new AVR200 and if there are any significant improvements? I love the sound of my system in 2 channel/stereo mode, I have the AVR100 bi-amped with an Alpha 10p and my DVD player is an FMJ 27. Although I love the sound in stereo, sometimes I'm less than thrilled with the AV performance, maybe it's just because I've got used to it but it doesn't seem to be very powerful compared to some AV amps, also when I play a DVD it always misses the first few seconds of the sound, something I've sort of got used to now but I still find it a bit irritating, does anyone know if this problem has been fixed? I also quite fancy PLII although some people say it's not really much better than normal prologic.

I'm just interested because I bought my AVR100 from Richer Sounds and if I trade it in for an AVR200 I would get £400 towards it as part of their Supercare offer, so for £200 I would have a new amp, would it be worth it? Or I could just wait until the AVR300 is out (I'm assuming there will be one) which may be much more of an improvement. I still have 3 years left on my Supercare!

Firstly i am not speaking with absolute authority as i have little experience of either of the Arcams you refer to, however i am aware that the 100 was somewhat plagued with software issues (bugs) that included the signal detect/mute you mention, also as i recall there were problems with bass management which to the best of knowledge (memory) were never really ironed out, all of this i am sure you know about, i believe the major difference between the two models was indeed the correcting of these issues with some improved functionality over any real gains in fidelity. As sadly is all to often the case i think if you are after the "next rung" performance wise then it will cost somewhat more than £200 (i read nothing but marvellous things about the performance of the new AV8 but at £3000 thats quite a hike).
It may well be that £200 would be well spent if it is these gremlins rather than overall performance that upsets you and indeed it's always nice to have "this years model", but i do doubt that it will offer much in the way of real (large?) improvements in audible performance terms.

You are basically telling me what I was already thinking, what I would really like is a TAG processor and Tag power amp but having just bought my first house I now have a mortage to pay for so I doubt I'll ever be able to afford something like that now. Uunlike most women I would much prefer to spend my money on some new hi-fi rather than my house. Unfortunately I have bought a house that has had to be completely refurbished and have just had to fork out £8,000 for a entire new kitchen :(

Oh well, as everyone keeps telling me after 7 months of DIY and never going out, it will be lovely when it's done!

I think I'll just stick with my AVR100 for now and review my options in a couple of years.

Indeed, from bitter experience i can tell you that your future plans for up-grading are absolutely the way to go! I have over the years spent a fair amount of "sideways" steps (sometimes perhaps even backwards) if i had just gone and bought the kit i have now (or equivalent) to begin with i would be much better off! It's a deep pocket game.
Great to hear of your reluctance to spend on other "essentials", i too have been living in my house for about 4 years now and have only really just started taking the spending money on "similar" essentials seriously! much to the relief (annoyance??) of my long suffering wife.
Good luck with the house, for what it is worth the av100 is hardly a shabby piece of kit.

Thanks Steve, I think it will be about 4 years before my house is liveable, luckily for me (unlucky for him) my boyfriend is very handy indeed, he is literally re-building the house himself, including re-wiring it and replacing all the pipe work, of course I am helping out but being a woman I'm better at moaning than helping!

I will just be glad when I can sit in my own lounge and watch a film, I've got everything round my Mum's at the moment, my hi-fi is going nowhere near my house until there isn't a trace of dust.

I am actually very happy with my hi-fi anyway of coures there's always something better, but I think what I have was well worth the money and until I win the lottery I'll stick with it.


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