Arcam AVR200


Mike Delvaux

Hi has any one out there got an avr200 im thinking of buying 1 although reviews dont seem that good.
Stereo sound gets good review, but is it that good for movies
or is there another am at same price that will blow it out of the water?


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I have the AVR200 - lovely amp in stereo. I haven't heard anything under £1000 that comes close with CD's. Makes amps like the Denon 3802 sound like they need repairing.

Movies is another story - the AVR200 amp's sound is a bit on the warm side & steering is average for a receiver in it's price range. The Denon wipes the floor with it in films. :(

Think £500 stereo amp levels of sound with CD's which is great, but only £400 receiver levels of steering and bang-for-your-buck with action movies - if that makes sense?

Best thing of all, is that the Arcam has no trouble with 4 ohm speakers, so you have a much wider choice of boxes you can hang off the end of it. :cool:

I intend to replace my amp soon and will be sad to see it go. Fortunately I have the new Arcam AVR300 in my sights and expect it to be a big step up in all areas. If you have an extra £500, I'd wait 6 weeks for the 300 to be launched.

kid rock

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The Arcam is great in stereo and I would put it in the same class as something like the companies a65 . I use it with some Mission 773es in stereo and it sounds great in a medium sized room.

On the surround side its pretty slow and I have heard similarly priced av amps outperform it . The problem as ever for you is to decide the central purpose of the unit- movies or music? If you want a movies first system look elsewhere. For about the same price you will get the Yamaha 2400 which annihalates it in surround terms but sounds like a 150 pounds amp in stereo.

Another alternative at this price might be a Nad if you want good stereo and reasonable surround ie the t753, but be warned it weighs over 20 kgs.

Like others I am selling my arcam avr 200 and either going for the new avr300 or Nad t773. Cant decide until I have auditioned them both:hiya:

Good luck

Kid Rock

Mike Delvaux

Thanks for the help chaps
Yesterday I listened 2 the Harmon Kardon AVR 430
It was absolutley SUPERB, Not so warm with music
but very very good, A different sound to the Arcam
but I think better.
When it came to movies, well what can I say, ive
listened to a few amps,including Denon and Marantz
aswell as Arcam and this one kicked you no what,
well impressed so needles to say ive ordered one
Thanks again


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