arcam AVR200 vs FMJ AV22/DAVE+P25



What would be the best value for money:

- Brand new arcam AVR200 for £800
- 2nd hand mint condition AV22+DAVE+P25 for £1300 ?

Thanks for help


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Hmmmmmm... I'd probably go for the FMJ. Stereo quality is exceptional, much better than the AVR200. You also have more power under the hood. And the FMJ looks a lot better ;)


Thanks sr78 and lmccauley for your input.

Anyone care to add some more comments on this ... time's running out for a decision.

I begin to lean towards the fmj ...

Is the sonic performance really worth that price difference (i'm definitly more into music than movies).
And would that performance make one forget the lack of thinks like PLII and 6 chanel inputs ?

thx again.


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If you are into music more than movies, by all means, go with the FMJ package. Ignore the PLII and 6-ch analogue input capabilities. DVD-Audio and SACD are a long cry from being popular formats to be taken into account. Use a very good DVD-player (Arcam DV88 PLUS!) to get the most musically satisfying results. You also might consider using a separate CD-player.

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