Arcam AVR200 or Cambridge Audio 540R v 2



I have never heard the Arcam, but based on reviews most Arcams are very good.

The CA is also good with music and HT, but pricewise you are talking about two totally different beasts here.

The best advice is still to listen to both(and some others like Rotel & NAD) and let your ears decide.


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I have a Arcam AVR200 and love it. But was thinking of selling to get a Cambridge Audio 540R v 2. For a few more features the Arcam don't have. :confused:

Regards Tulloch


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I would'nt change from Arcam to Cambridge,if you want to upgrade,go with the next step up(Arcam AVR250 or 300)well worth the extra cash.Arcam to Cambridge is more like down grading.

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