Arcam AVR200 buzzing.


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Got an AVR200 a month or so ago and it sounds great but recently the speakers have started to emit a hum or buzz after the amp has been on for a while. It is independent of the volume setting (well, except mute which mutes it, along with everything else) and input (analog or digital), and it sometimes goes away again, but sometimes doesn't.

It isn't there all the time so I assume it isn't a ground loop, and it doesn't coincide with the fridge compressor kicking in, or anything like that as far as I can tell.

Any ideas?


I have an avr 100 and had a similar buzzing, occuring when I load a dvd and a digital signal is detected. (doesn't happen with analogue souces).

The buzzing is linked to the 'direct' button on the front of the receiver, if it is activated, the buzzing stops. The cure is the addition of a ferrite ring to one of the circuit boards in the receiver. I believe arcam are aware of it and your dealer should be able to fir the part.

Hope this helps


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