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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Tracey, Jun 14, 2001.

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    At the moment I have the following equipment:

    Sony AV receiver
    Arcam Alpha 9
    Arcam Alpha 10p3

    I'm using the Arcam amps to bi-amp my front speakers so I'm very happy with the 2 channel stereo sound when playing CD's. When I'm watching a film/DVD and need 5 channel surround sound, I use the Arcam amps to power the front and centre speaker (centre speaker is powered by the extra channel on the 10p3) this is connected using the
    front and centre pre-outs on the Sony AV receiver and then the Sony takes care of the processing and powers the rear speakers.

    What I'm now thinking of doing is to replace the Sony with your AVR100 and trade in my Alpha 9 but keep the 10p3. I'm assuming that there are pre-outs for the front and centre speakers on the AVR100 but I have two main concerns, firstly, will the 10p3 be compatible with the AVR100 so that I will still get a good stereo sound and will still be able to bi-amp my front speakers, and secondly what would happen with the centre speaker, would it be possible to bi-amp that too, or would I just use the extra channel on the 10p3 as I do now and not use the AVR100 to power the centre speaker.

    I hope I've explained this enough, I'd be very interested to know if this would work in theory or if it would mean I would have to get a new power amp in order to bi-amp my front speakers. My priority has always been for excellent stereo reproduction, and good home cinema, but 2 channel sound is definitely more important to me.
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    I believe that the matching power amp for the AVR100 is the new 73p. You will have to check with John Dawson though.


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