Arcam AVR 300 or B&K AVR 507

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    I have purchased new Monitor Gold Series Speakers: GR60 Gold fronts, GRFX Gold rears, and a GRLC Gold Center Speaker. I also purchased a Velodyne HGX 12" Powered Sub (1250 watts). I have a fairly large combined livinig room/kitchen area (combined room size is 20 feet side to side x 35 feet front to back with vaulted ceilinings at a slope from 10 feet to 16 feet going side to side in the listening area). The floors are tile and there are several large picture windows, I have added floor rugs, window treatments, and other sound absorbing materials in the room to reduce the over abundance of hard surface sound reflection/echo. The room is much improved with this. I plan on running 5.1 in my living room and a second zone pair of speakers on my back patio and this would use all of my speaker channels.

    Now to the question... I am comparing the Arcan AVR 300 to the B&K AVR 507 (would also encourage/consider input on Denon or other comp units) and will most likely buy one of these units. I have listen to both units in sound rooms and I am leaning towards the B&K AVR 507 but need some help from you pro's. If your not familiar with the B&K AVR 507 (American Product), please comment/reply to the Monitor and Arcon match up (is it a good marriage or a bad marriage?).

    My concern with the Arcan AVR 300 is a lack of power (100 watts/channel) for my speakers and larger room but I love the quality of the sound... My other concern with the Arcan unit is the inability to produce 5 channel stereo output. It was mentioned to me that if I could spend a bit more money (tough because I am way over budget on my audio vidoe overhall..) I could improve the output by adding an amplifier to bi-amp the fronts and possibly the center channel to compensate for the lack of power. I am not sure how much of a real difference this would make in my room...

    The B&K AVR 507 does not seem to have as good of quality of sound separation or clarity but the sound is good and a bit more robust partially because of the power (150 watts/channel) and partially because of the design. If I buy the B&K I am planning on waiting for the new unit coming out in a month that has a marked improvement in in sound processing and a greater ability to use custom settings to fit your room. It also has the ability to run 5 channel stereo. Althogh speaker outputs six and seven are not programable the factory will wire them to zone 2 for my outdoor speaker.

    I listen to about equal amounts of audio CD's and TV/DVD's so I am trying to get the best of both Worlds if this exists...

    In some ways I thought the Arcan seems like it might work well for my 5.1 video/DVD needs but fall short with the CD Audio needs because of lack of power.

    On the other hand I though the B&K sound separation for midrange and tweeter would be missed on my 5.1 video/DVD needs but the base management would be better but the overall 5.1 video/DVD would not be as good in my room. I also felt the B&K would do a much better job filling my room with decent sound for CD Audio where as the Arcan would fall short unless I wired with serarate amp for front biamplifications.

    I am looking for you pro's to agree or disagree with my analysis and make a recomendation and/or conclusion on my choices or analysis. Where I stand now is that the B&K is most likely a better match for my power hungry Monitor Golds and my large room. Your help is appreciated!!!


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