Question Arcam AVR-300 issue... Seems ive suffered a common issue.. Need advice


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The unit powers off about 10 seconds after powering on.

It seems to go through the boot up procedure and then when it clicks to turn the sound on, the amp powers off...

Any pointers as to why it is doing this. Was working fine until last switched off this morning then when switched on, this issue began.

Ive disconnected it from all sources and speakers and tried switching the ohms but to no avail. Guessing something has popped or blown but need to find out what.



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I guess you can start from changing the caps on M board around PSU stage,also the resistors need to be check on the stage


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I'm sure it's not this and I'm even more sure you've done this..
you tried pressing the standby on the remote? is it going into standby mode each time. This happened to me and I thought the power stage was stuffed, even after turning off, would go back into standby.

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