Arcam avr 135/137 Vs. ADCOM GDV-870



I was wondering if anyone has compared these products. The adcom looks like a killer deal at 600$ us, with the same dacs and video processor as the arcam 135. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Current setup: Arcam avr 350, fronts: spendor s5e, center: spendor C5e, rear: spendor: S3e, sub: velodyne spl-1000r.

I need a new dvd player, I just have a panasonic dvd recorder, which as a transport with the arcam dacs sounds decent, but I need to buy a new dvd/cd player.




"Reference quality performance is assured by the superlative Zoran VADDIS 888 Video DSP for optimum video fidelity and the discrete Wolfson 8740 24-Bit/192 kHz DAC in each audio channel is used in a noise-canceling, balanced configuration for superior audio quality and high performance DVD-Audio operation. Audio, bass and delay management is fully configurable.

The GDV-870 also employs a Hybrid Power Supply: Digital for high-current servo circuits and High Performance Linear with massive Toroid Transformer for low noise video and exceptional audio performance."


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Off-the-shelf parts are relatively cheap. Arcam uses the 888s processor, not the off-the-shelf 888, and the 888s is specially designed to their demanding performance specifications. The proof is in the performance, I suggest finding dealers willing to let you try the units in your system and make the choice yourself.

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