Arcam AV9 with i-Link?

So, which high end processor manufacturer will be the first to fit an i-link interface? I can well understand small volume manufacturers reluctance to get involved with SACD which explains why most of them go for DVD-A including Arcam. However, looks like SACD may be gaining a solid base and, besides, I want both.

So, apart from buying a Lexicon RT10 which is allegedly a souped up Pioneer anyway, people like me are faced with getting a lower end universal player like the Denon 2900 or Pio 868. Fine DVD players but I want to use the DACS in my high end processor to decode SACD and DVD-A, thereby getting around the poorer DACS in these cheaper DVD players.

Any plans Arcam? I'd like to hear the companies view on the growing strength of SACD and DVD-A and also the i-link issue which also looks like getting a foothold.


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I'd have thought that it might get a miss altogether and manufacturers will go straight for hdmi/hdmc interfaces if the licenses are sorted out quick enough ??

Well, SACD won't work with HDMI yet but it will work with iLink. It's not always the best solution that makes it to the mass market. I guess most of the low volume manufacturers will wait until one of the solutions wins before paying licenses etc.

I guess I'll have to get the 5.1 bypass for my Tag for the time being. I just don't like the idea of having a top end processor that I have to feed analogue signals too in order to enjoy the best audio mediums. I'm sure an £800 Pioneer SACD deck could pass just as good digital SACD signals as a £3000 Lexicon one. At the moment, you have to buy both high end processor and DVD.

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