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I have a AV8 connected with 3 ARcam P1 monoblocks and 1 P35 monoblock amp. i have a marantz 9500 dvd player. my fronts are Kef 205, Kef 202c as center and Kef xq5 as rears. REL R-505 as subwoofer.

There is no option to set any kind of crossover frequency in the processor. The only option i can see is to mention the speakers as Large or Small. The arcam technical support says that the moment u connect a subwoofer to your system then make your fronts, center and rears as small regardless of there capabilities . I have currently set my fronts center and rears as small. If i turn them loud i cant figure if they are working better or not. Wanted your advice as to what to keep on large and what to keep on small as far as speakers are concerned.THats my query no 1.

Query no2 is that in the level setting i have increased my center by 2db since i am sitting 22 feet away from fronts and sometimes i feel like the dialogues are a bit too low in sound so i have increased 2 db for center the rest are all on 0db . Is that ok ?


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I have an AV8 and I have my fronts set to Large. I have never heard that the fronts and center should be set to small. This question is better asked in the Arcam section of this forum. Maybe the MODERATOR could move it there and we could both learn something. Moderators PLEASE!

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