Arcam and their so called customer support??


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Just wanted to ask whether anyone else is having problems with getting a response from anyone at Arcam?? I have emailed them for the 3rd time in a week this morning. I appreciate that my email isnt the only one they have to deal with but it would be nice to have it recognised with a "we'll be back to you in a few days" type response...

My DV88Plus has issues and i need to speak to Arcam to find out what to do with regard to a firmware/software update etc..i am currently having problems recording from CD to minidisc using the optical out from the 88 Plus, it seems to be puttin anywhere between 10 and 20 track markers on a sigle recorded track from an album....also the unit fails to respond when pressing the load button, and has to be turned off and rebooted...

Can anyone here tell me the latest software/firmware versions i should be running??, im currently on LT76 and 3.0.0

Thanks for any help...


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Arcam have very strong anti spam filters on. The best way is to call them, they will then be able to answer your query over the phone. I've found that they are very good but they never answer e-mails.



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Arcam has awfull and crappy spam filter. It is total desaster how they deal with email querries.
I sent them few emails with "Arcam" , "exact model description" and "problem" in the subject , and finally got an answer from the fifth attempt (yahoo address). They ignored two private addresses and two provider adresses prior to that.
They shouls start thinking about this



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First post here.

I've emailed arcam about one month ago. I got a reply with a satisfying answer within ons working day.


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Well, within a few hours of posting my gripe on this board i received a reply...not the one i was looking for though.

Despite telling them that i have carried out previous software/firmware updates my self, despite not wanting to do a 40 mile round trip, despite not wanting to disconnect all my equipment and despite not wanting to invalidate my insurance on the machine whilst it is in transit.......yep, i still have to go to my dealer!!!

In my experience, most people i've come across in the AV/HI FI world actually display more knowledge and intelligence than the people who work/run the shops anyway!

Cheers for your replies guys


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Just a little update for you all.......

Robocop/Gordon, took your advise, saw the poll in this section relating to software updates...saw John Dawsons most recent comments on the thread stating that Arcam are happy to send out software update CD-Roms to their customers just as long as they are contacted by the customers dealer and the dealer is happy for this to be done by the customer.....well, at 14.30 yesterday i contacted my dealer (B&B Hifi in Bracknell), within 10 minutes they called me back saying that they had spoken to Arcam and an update disc was going to be despatched immediately...and it came in the post this morning, the update has been done and my bugs have been fixed.......

Thank you Arcam, B&B hifi and you guys on the board.



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hi all

just thought i would add my 0.02 worth

i am currently considering buying an av8 and one of the big plus points in the decision making process for the av8 as against others is that i find it reassuring that the people from arcam frequent this forum and appear to be willing to address your queries be they general or specific

to put this in context i bought a denon 3802 15 months ago supposedly new to the market and then 3 months later 3803 launched and now 3805 launched, no upgrade path on denon 3802!! all of this i hasten to add before i discovered this forum:eek:

for what its worth

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