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Bob Mitchum

I have an Arcam A75+ amp running B&W CDM1NT speakers. My CD player is the Cd92T. Although I'm happy with the sound, i do feel that the A75+ is struggling to drive the CDM's at high volumes. Will aiming for the A90 bring considerable improvement in the sound stakes due to its higher power ouput? I think there is no point in demoing as the CD92 and CDM1NT are both discontinued and the replacents are quite different in specification. No HDCD or Ring DCS for the CD93

Also in a previous thread Andy Arcam said that you can connect the preamp of the A75 to your sub. But my Paradigm PR8 (don't laugh) has only one line level input not two. Can I connect one of the preamp outputs to it?


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Ask your local dealer if you can home demo an A90 or P90 (the power-amp equivelant). Most usually let you with a credit-card imprint. Mine let me without, but then I've been a good customer over the years. It's in both parties' interest - you end up only buying things that make a difference to the sound of your system in your room, and they get to make a few sales to a happy customer.



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You can connect one of the preamp outputs. It won't cause any problem to the amp. However you will obviously onlyg get base sent to the subwoofer if it is present in the channel you have connected. So if you connect left and the drums are on the right you wont get the base.


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