Arcam Alpha upgrade to Home Theatre

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by Phillyw, Sep 11, 2007.

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    :lease::lease:I need some advise on upgrading my ageing Arcam kit to include Home Theatre. I'm currently running two separate systems in the same room as follows.
    Stereo - Arcam Alpha 8 CD, Alpha 8 integrated amp, 9P power amp biamping a pair of Kef Reference Model 3-2's
    HT - Denon 1602 Receiver, Denon 3910, Kef eggs

    What I have established is that the Denon receiver needs to go and the two front and centre eggs. I need to be using the model 3's as fronts though still aim to biamp to maintain sound quality. A reference centre is also on the shopping list.

    Where I go with amplification is giving me a real headache.

    Do I go for a discontinued avr300 or an avr350? Will the sound quality be better than my Alpha 8 and 9P?

    There are also a few good deals around on second hand FMJ amplifiers with Dave boards fitted so this could also be an option.

    Will Arcam products provide enough power to drive my Model 3's or should I be looking at the MF A5 products?
    Advise anyone
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    I doubt that the AVR alone could give you equally good sound as the curent biamping config. I don't know much about your speakers, and you could biamp using AVR350 alone, but I guess still won't be enough. Can you afford the 350 and keep the power amp to biamp the fronts- this should give you at least as good stereo, and much better surround IMHO.

    A22 or Alpha 10 with Dave and biamped with your 9P could be even better for stereo, but remember that the prologic etc in the DAVE is not up to current standards (I am sure there are lots of posts on comparisons if you search).

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