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Arcam Alpha 9 - help!


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I've had an Arcam Alpha 9 for a good few years now and a few years ago I got the selector switch replaced by Arcam because of the well known problem with it crackling.

The amp hasn't been used for a while but I decided to get it out and use it with my tv. So I hooked it up using the tv headphone socket to a splitter into the amp on tape 2....and it worked a treat and sounded great.

Then I found a thread about connecting the Tape 1 out to Tape 2 in to bypass the selector switch so I gave it a go (I did red to red, black to black).... and now I have a problem.

Whilst the Tape 1 to Tape 2 was still in place the volume control didn't work - I got output but turning the volume control made no difference and there was also a crackle affecting the sound. So I thought sod that I will just go back to connecting the tv directly to Tape 2...and after doing that (so no longer having the Tape 1 to Tape 2 in place) the volume control still has no impact to sound levels when turned and I still have the crackle.

God knows what I have done but atm I have gone from having it all ok to now having this problem. Could connecting the Tape 1 out to Tape 2 in have done something?

So now I can't use the amp either way and I am stumped.

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks alot


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Check the AV processor switch on the back of the amplifier - make sure it's on Normal and not on AV Processor. The AV Processor setting sets the tape 2 output to fixed gain and bypasses the volume control, which sounds like exactly what is happening to yours!

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