Arcam Alpha 8 amp - demised?


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Aug 8, 2006
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Came in this evening to find No Sound. Quickly idenitify the problem as the amp, whereof the trusty green LED that has shone for so long is shonning not. :(

A quick check of the fuse in the power lead... isn't possibly as it involves furniture shifting, I'll look at it tomorrow. Other than that, are there any well known failure modes for these amps? Quick 'n'easy fuse link or something?

Up until today, this amp has performed perfectly for about ten years. It's on all teh time, and used for several hours a day as we pipe the telly through it when not listening to music.
Could be fuse, power supply, dry joint, loose power lead........all sorts.

I have to say though that Arcam's customer service is great. My beloved Alpha 7se went pop, put it in a box and sent it off to them, had it back a week later sounding great and looking like new.

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