For Sale Arcam Alpha 7se CD Player, Rega Luna Amp

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    Arcam Alpha 7se - with original remote - £80 no offers

    In the same lovely condition as the Rega Luna Amp (see below), this has been well looked after, and performs beautifully. It's a nice unit - drawer operation is very smooth, playback is flawless, and the original remote control is fully operational. Arcam went to the lengths of having fibreglass PCB's (I think for resonance control) in these, and I can see (hear?!) why they got What Hifi? best buy in category with this one. If you want to take the sound further, this unit has optical/digital outputs as well, to allow connection to a DAC or an amp with relevant inputs, although as standard the 7se has Burr Brown Delta/Sigma 24bit filtering and does nicely. The display can be disabled (from the remote) to give maximum playback quality. If you want to play with power cables it has an IEC connector (this comes with a standard power cable). There are new batteries in the remote control.

    Rega Luna amplifier - SOLD - it's gone, you missed it

    Launched in 1997, the Luna is one of those amps that people didn't hear about. It's in the same case as the Brio - the classic clamshell - but instead of 35w (one channel driven), does 40wpc, and has a lot more authority. This one is in lovely condition, and performs flawlessly. My problem is, my audio eyes are bigger than my belly. I now have 4 systems running, and something's got to go, and as I'm concentrating on building up my main system (needs 150wpc to drive the speakers, let alone get any decent volume from them), this amp is going to be leaving me.

    So - what do you get for your money? A heck of a classic amp. It has the classic Brio sound (and looks!), so is beautifully musical, but with 40wpc, and a MM phono stage. It also has pre-out and power-in connectors, making it a very versatile piece of equipment. It DOESN'T have bits missing from the paint, it DOESN'T have any sign of crackle from the volume controls, input selector is working perfectly - in short - this amp is spot on. The worst I can say about this amp? There's a bit of dust down in the fins. It won't be there for long, I'll get into the nooks and crannies so that what you get is what you want - a lovely, lovely amp.

    This ad is the first I've placed, but they will be advertised elsewhere. Any sales queries will be handled in strict chronological order. I've priced these to sell, so please - no offers unless you take both items, in which case there is room for a little flexibility. I would prefer these items to be collected so I can show them as they are - in great condition and working perfectly - but will pack securely for shipping by courier to be arranged by buyer.

    Price and currency: £80 for the CD Player, £175 for the Amp
    Delivery: Delivery cost is not included
    Payment method: Cash, PPG, Bank Transfer
    Location: Cardiff
    Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere
    Prefer goods collected?: I prefer the goods to be collected

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