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Arcam Alpha 7R Integrated Amp


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I've just got an Arcam Alpha 7R amp and have noticed the balance control is not working (bass and treble are though - have tried the direct switch).

Have tried both sets of speaker terminals (SP1\SP2).

There's a possibilty amp might have been damaged in transit - is there an easy way to diagnose the problem?


P.S. Anyone know of somewhere I could download a manual?
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I'm not familiar with the Arcam 7R, is there a 'Direct' button which disables the tone controls and perhaps the balance control? If so is it engaged?

As for the manual - just checked the Arcam website and in the discontinued product section that particular amp is not listed, in fact only DIVA and older FMJ kist is listed.

I'd contact Arcam direct and ask for advice, they are usually very good.

If it where me I'd live with a malfunctioning balance control, unless it is causing audible effects. I can't recall ever using the balance control, except to verify that I have connected the right left speakers to the correct terminals.
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The balance circuit is bypassed by the direct button. So recheck that you don't have that enabled first. Other than that I can only think you have a faulty potentiometer. But it is quite unlikley it would fail on both channels.



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Hi, thanks for replies.

Like I said - I did try with Direct switch. Made no difference (apart from disabling bass and treble controls).

I've been in touch with Arcam, and all they can suggest is having it serviced\repaired. Did think it might be faulty pot (maybe dry joint), but thought I'd check in case there was maybe another reason.

I suppose I could live with it not working, but I think it'd always irritate me!

Main reason for posting was to see if someone had an online version of manual.

Guess I'm back where I started, and I'll have to decide whether to bite the bullet and pay extra for repair\service.

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