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Aug 16, 2002
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I am currently driving my Mission 775e floorstanders with a Denon AVR-3802. Great for home cinema, and whilst it sounds good for stereo music, I'm sure a integrated amp/power amp combination would sound even better. I've been considering an Arcam A85 for treble, with a P75 power amp to drive the low frequencies. The Missions are fairly easy to drive at 92db, and are rated at maximum of 200w. Has anyone had any experience with the Arcam amps, and does this sound a good proposition?
I can't comment on the combination but I would add as a more general point that high efficiency does NOT make a speaker easy to drive, it just makes it efficient. Look to the efficient KEF Q15, 91dB but a real bugger to drive. I don't know about these Missions.
Fair point. I was driving them using a 30w per channel Cambridge Audio amp for a while, and they sounded fine, so I think that their not the most hungry speakers.
Originally posted by higenbs1
I've been considering an Arcam A85 for treble, with a P75 power amp to drive the low frequencies.

WHF have used them together and were very impressed (as they tend to be with most Arcam kit:rolleyes: ), however they recommend using the more powerful A85 for the bass section and the A75 for the treble....... The Arcam setup should be a very nice step up from your Denon too:cool:
Nice one - Thanks for the info
You should match the A85 with the *P85* power amp not the P75. The P85 is the same spec as the A85 but without the preamp section. I have both bi-amping B&W speakers and am constantly amazed by the sound quality.
BTW I have tried both combinations - A85 Hi freq, P85 low freq and vice versa - and didn't notice a difference.

I think my budget can just about stretch to the P85, so I'll probably go for that. Thanks for the advice. Has the A85 got an AV processor switch which by-passes the volume control, turning it into a pre-amp. I'm not sure I want to have to keep calibrating it with the other channels running through the 3802, using test tone.
Yes. I do the same thing myself with a Denon 3801. There is no processor switch as such. You set the A85 to fixed gain in the setup menu, so that when you want to watch a film you just press the 'tape' button. All you need to do is connect the front preouts on the 3802 to the tape input on the A85.


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