Arcam A65+ why is it so cheap?


The ebay prices for this seem very modest compared to other amps (even older arcam ones), it's usually going for £100 or so.

I can't find any reviews for it, was it considered not very good in its time as it seems like a bargain at first glance?


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Some experience of different Arcam amps ( including my current setup ) but no experience of the A65+ - sorry.
May be worth asking on the Arcam Owners Forum here -
Arcam Owners' Forum -
or asking a Mod to move your post.


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I've had one for about 5 years. I've paired mine with an Arcam CD73 however I'm not struck on my speakers which are Mission M73i

It's well worth £100. As I recall it got 4 stars from What Hifi at the RRP of £375, there are better amps at that price hence the 4 stars.

Mine cost £175 s/h from ebay.


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I owned one for about 6 years. It was partnered with B&W 601S3s and a Rotel RCD-1070 source. I really enjoyed the sound this combination produced. Arcam amps and B&W speakers really do seem to get on well. I only sold it to go down the pre-amp/processor and power amp route.

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