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While reading about the A85 I notice it has a fixed level input feature, i.e. different inputs can be set to different volume levels, perfect for use as the front two channels of an A/V setup if you don't to be fiddling with volume controls when switching between movies and music.

Does anyone know if this feature is unique to the A85 or is it present on all three amps in the range?



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There is an AV processor input on the A75+, but I don't think there's one on the A65+.


Only the A85 has the ability to set the levels for each input, the A75 does have the AV processor although I'm not 100% sure what this does, on the A65 the levels are all fixed.


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Thanks for the info



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Yes both the older A75 and the A75+ have the AV processor feature, I'm using it with a Yam AV receiver.

Basically it takes the Yam as a normal input and fixes the gain on the signal and bypasses its own volume control so that the Yam becomes the master control, extremely useful, no messing around balancing two volumes everytime you want to watch a movie.

It's not the best in class in terms of 2 channel use though, but it's a lot better than the stereo performance of the Yam (plus I got a good deal on it).

If you can stetch to the A85, I would go for that, it's a big step up from the 75 in performance and can now be found for as little as £625 these days (try Billy Vee)


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Cheers PJONG

Way ahead of you, I ordered the A85 today :)

Have to wait a while for it to arrive in the local dealer but I have a new CD72T to play with in the meantime...

Credit card is roasting today!!

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