Arcam A32 vs A22 vs A85


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Sorry - another Arcam amp thread :blush:

I want to get a new stereo integrated to replace my aging Arcam Alpha 6+ which I currently use for music and to power the front channels in AV. Not only is it aging but it responds to the same volume remote commands as my SR4200 which means I have to cover up the IR receiver on it so the volume stays fixed for AV :mad:

Anyway I had narrowed down my choices to either an A85 or an A32 and was going to listen to them both before deciding whether the A32 was worth the extra £350. I went to my Arcam dealer (here in Lisbon) and they don't have an A32 or A85 yet :( What they did have was an FMJ A22 which they're selling off at £600 because the new amps are about to arrive. I didn't have a chance to listen to it yet but does anyone have any opinions about these 3 amps?

The A22 seems like a good deal at £600 but unfortunately it's in silver :( - how does it rate compared to the A85 and A32?

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