Arcam 8 out to Onkyo 686 Aux


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have Arcam running Turntable,CD player and CD multi, I like to connect to Onkyo 686.
can I simply connect lead from pre-out (Arcam Alpha 8) to the AUX on the Onkyo 686.
then I can use my better sounding speakers Eltax (1995 ish ) as fronts (L & R)


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I've no idea why you''d want to use the Arcam amp as a source?

You'd benefit more by using the pre outs on an AV receiver to output the stereo front left and right channels to the Arcam amp and using it to power the speakers with. The problem is that the Onkyo receiver you have has no front main room left and right pre outs.

Doing what you've suggested wouldn't result in the Arcam driving the speakers so why bother?


The CD player and CD multi should be connected by RCA to the audio inputs on the Onkyo. Depending on what cart you have fitted to the TT then that should be connected to the Phono RCA.


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my music is run by the Arcam Alpha 8 amp, Audio Technica LPx turntable,
cd and 5 multi-disc Technics, with Eltax speakers , old but sound great.
I want to use the speakers with the Onkyo 686 (fronts for 5.1.2)
so I thought the easy way is one RCA from pre-out on Arcam amp to Aux on the Onkyo.
as my analogue music set up is on a rack 6 meters away,
should I just run the Deck and cd player with the speakers through the AV Onkyo and put the Arcam in storage,

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