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I seem to have a lip synch problem associated with the audio processing in my AVR350 amp.

I have Sky+ connected via the analogue stereo audio outputs to the 350. I also have Sky connected to the television via the Scart. When I set the Arcam to "Direct" the audio ouput from the amp and the television are exactly synchronised.

However, when I apply some processing in the Amp to create a surround effect, there is an occasionally noticeable lip synch problem when listening to the amp alone and if I turn up the television sound, then there is an echo (always noticeable).

Is this just an inevitable delay caused by the Amp processing the stereo signal to create the surround effect? Is there anything I can do about it?


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You could always alter the lip-synch delay on the 350...


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I'm not suprised at all that you have a different delay when you take the AVR350 out of Stereo Direct. It is an effect you will find on all processors (not just ours).
The SCART path from your sky box to the TV speakers is pretty likely to be analogue all the way, the same as for the AVR350 Stereo Direct.

In anything but Stereo Direct the audio has to go through two conversion processes: A-D converter then D-A converter. Each of these conversions alone takes a short time, and there is almost certainly a delay through the DSP stage even in plain analogue stereo. (I'll save the explanation for why the DSP delay for another time).

So, I'm afraid that's just the way things are.

Playing with the lip-sync will, I'm afraid, only make the relative delays worse not better. Who said this AV lark was easy? ;o)

Hope that helps, Mark

P.S. forgot to mention that Trailer's suggestion of using the digital connection from the sky+ box to the AVR350 is a good one. It misses out one of the delaying processes (the A-D converter) and will almost certainly sound better anyway!

The other thing to do is not have the TV sound and the AVR350 sound on at the same time! Picture and sound may not be quite in sync but your brain easily compensates for this (up to a point). There's little more distracting than a slap-back echo.

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