Arcam 350 and REL Q200e


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i am having a weird sub problem too
i have hooked up my Rel q200e (an active Sub)to the sub pre out of the Arcam 350
i did the speaker setup test with a decibel meter the sub works

but now
when i play a DTS dvd (Terminator Ultimate edition) the sub will barely make a sound.
the Arcam "detects" the DTS signal from my XBOX.
the XBOX is connected to the Arcam with an optical cable.

when i do the THX optimizer thats on the Terminator DVD all the speakers give the white noise
,but with the Subwoofer setup part the woofer wont make a sound

so far the sub only seems to work when the Arcam is in Stereo mode

its probably only a silly setup problem but i cant friggin find it!!!

any help will be greatly appreciated

(i posted this message in another thread of this forum but deceided id make a new thread for this problem)

(and sorry for my bad english)


Isn't there a dts setting in the amps menu? I wil try and see. There is, page 14, how do you have your speakers set?


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Thats the sub menu What about the speaker menu?

Can't play ATM as I'm stuck at work:thumbsdow . Not sure if you could still have those settings in sub menu while speaker menu is at sub 'none'


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Speaker Sizes

Front Large (KEF 104/2)
Centre Small (Dali C5)
Surr L/R Large (KEF Q15.2)
Surr Back None
Subwoofer Present (REL Q200e)


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what use would that do?


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thanks a LOT

the kids have taken over the XBOX so i cant change it right now

ill let you know though!!

(i friggin hope this was the answer to my problem)

i still dont get how the THX setup om the Terminator DVD got all speakers to produce sound except the subwoofer

as said ill let you know

thanks for your help


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speakers set to Small

on the REL my settings are this:
Low level left connected from sub pre out on arcam
on the REL there are 2 low level connectors called "Left" and "right" and not like the manual says "0dB LO INPUT" and "+12dB LO INPUT"

mode 2
rolloff 100 Hz

Piece from rel q200e manual

The mode switch is a dual function control, it can reverse the phase for both high level and low level
inputs and it can bypass the internal filter/roll off.
Phase reversal is rarely needed but can be useful as explained in “SETTING UP” .
MODE SWITCH. Used to set phase* and to bypass crossover for Low Level input**.
Position 1 / Line: 0 degrees phase, crossover engaged low level input
Position 2 / LFE: 0 degrees phase, crossover bypassed for low level input
Position 3 / Line: 180 degrees phase, crossover engaged for low level input
Position 4 / LFE: 180 degrees phase, crossover bypassed for low level input
**Crossover is always engaged for Hi level input regardless of mode switch position,
bypassing is only possible for the low level input.

the complete manual can be found here....

i have tried this whole deal without the Neutrik connector conected
(the Neutrik connects to the left and right speaker out)

sorry for posting so much information
i hope you can filter out the useless stuff

and thanks again for your time


I'd set it at position 2 or 4, but i don't know your sub I have my monolith connected via single co-ax from the arcam into a low level input. And with the settings I said above.

How does it sound?


Also you may be better off with a normal dvd player, I don't know how good the xbox is, one of my bigger sound improvements was a decent dvd player.


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the kids would kill me

and as i use it as a mediaplayer (mapped PC drive) too i wouldnt want to miss it either


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yes it does

main speakers sound a bit "detached" now though
but i guess thats simply a matter of more tweaking

but im not gonna do much more today
al that pounding is making my head hurt

when im looking at the manual of the REL it says i can connect the neutrik connector simultaneous (thank god for spellcheckers) but that will probably require even more tweaking and balancing

even thinking about that makes my head spin

thanks for your time


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pm sent

although you can als post your settings here of course

for the other lost souls with the same problem


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i downloaded a cd with bas tracks and bass tests

called "Bass test & bass tracks"

i put them on my XBOX which is is connected through Optical cable

its scared the **** out of me !!!!!!

the bass is ok of course
the higher sounds are crackling!!! like a scratched cd
on my pc it sounds ok
does anyone else have a similar problem??

i have uploaded one of the mp3's to this location

*****link removed****


i have uploaded one of the mp3's to this location (i hope its allowed to do this kind of stuff)

Hi Voivod,
:lesson: If this CD is copyrighted, then no and you'd need to removed the file and link. If the download is a legal free one then no problem leaving this link. If you don't know, then you need to assume copyrighted and remove the link.

Hope this helps.



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i have that too
how do you have your Rel connected?
did you use the Neutrik connector too or only the low level connector?


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i only tried the by Rel suggsted double connection (high and low) for a few minutes.

its no good for a theatre system (i.m.h.o.)

im not to sure about the placement but im satisfied for now

its way to good weather here to fuss with it

thanks for your help

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