Arcam 170 + Deltec Precision Audio DAC



Hi guys,

I have had the Arcam 170 CD transport for yonks , it was bought AFAIK when they first came out. I added the Arcam black box but after a couple of years exchanged this for the Deltec DAC, the Deltec is probably 6-8 years old now.

I am no techie but have read a lot here about the benefits of a good CD transport coupled with a good DAC and wonder what I should do re upgrading.

Should I look at upgrading the transport or the DAC?

Partnering equipment:

Pair AE1 V1 oldies but goodies

Arcam AVR200 receiver, I will probably add an Arcam power amp to power the woofers on the AE1's leaving the AVR200 to power the tweeters and the other speakers when in surround mode.

Mission Radius centre, surround and sub.

Any thoughts/advice much appreciated.


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I would upgrade the DAC as the transport was very highly rated and would probably still hold its own against modern transports.

Where as technology in DACs has changed and improved a lot in the last few years.

I still have an Arcam 170.3 though its boxed up and no longer used, I also used to own a pair of AE1`s in Piano black on there proper stands, They were probably one of the best looking speakers made.

I would deffinately add the power amp to the AVR200 as the AE1`s were known for being a very difficult speaker to drive !

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