Question ARC Return won't pass DTS MA HD - is this a good workaround?


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Hi - I now realize (with help from this forum) that the ARC Return channel of my Samsung (or any) TV will not pass DTS MA HD to my Receiver.

I still want to connect my Blu-ray, Sky Q and Apple TV to the TV, via its One-Connect box, for the convenience of the TV's operating system facilitating the source-switching with its universal remote.

To give me the option of DTS MA HD when my Blu-ray disc has such an audio track, I was thinking of feeding the ARC Return HDMI and an HDMI from my Blu-ray player's audio output (separate output from the one going to the TV) through an HDMI switching device, which would then send to the Receiver.

Most of the time, the only input to the the HDMI switcher will be the ARC Return. When I select Blu-ray, I may have to resort to another remote to switch the HDMI source on the switcher to feed the preferred signal to the Receiver.

All feedback on this workaround welcome, along with recommendations for a good HDMI switch.



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Hi - thanks all. Just to add to this. I engaged in 8 days of dialogue with Samsung, and they finally sent me a link to download the manual for the 2017 Q7FAM/CAM TVs (I couldn't find those manuals previously). Here's the link and an extract from it relative to Codecs supported.

Dolby Digital / LPCM / ADPCM(IMA, MS) / AAC / HE-AAC / WMA / Dolby Digital Plus / MPEG(MP3) / DTS (Core, LBR, HD_MA, HD_HRA,) / G.711(A-Law, μ-Law)

I'm still not certain that the statement that DTS HD-MA is supported in these 2017 models (it wasn't listed in the manuals for 2016 models) means that this format will pass through the ARC Return channel.

All comments more than welcome.


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ARC does not support HD audio.

Pg29 of the User Manual suggests the TV only supports DD5.1 from its on-board tuner or Streaming services - 'To listen to 5.1-channel audio from an external device, connect the device to the TV via an HDMI cable and connect a 5.1 home theatre system directly to the external device's digital audio output connector'.


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