ARC problems in Onyko TX-NR828 and Samsung 65"


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Merry Christmas to you all, hope you can help me out here I'm tearing out what little hair I have left.

My setup is basically one HDMI cable running from the Onyko to HDMI3 (ARC) on the Samsung TV.

I want to be able to use the smart tv apps on the tv and have the sound play through the Onyko.

I have set the amp up for HDMI ARC control and the Samsung tv to Anynet (as there doesn't seem to be anything showing ARC in the setup menus).

Still I can't get any tv sound through the amp.

Scenario 1 is that I'm watching Sky and then I click into the tv apps using the tv remote. The sky sound input continues to play through the amp even through I'm actually watching the tv app.

Scenario 2 is as above but I change the input on the amp to TV but get no sound at all then.

I'm lost for ideas now so hoping someone else has had the same issue!!




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Ensure to turn on Anynet+ onboard the TV and then select "RECEIVER" from the TV's speaker select options. Make sure RIHD is enabled on the AV receiver and ARC turned on. Also make sure you've connected the HDMI cable to the input marked ARC on the TV. Only one of the HDMI inputs is ARC enabled.


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Have you tried alternative hdmi cables between TV and amp? (in case the existing one doesn't support ARC)

With my Onkyo 515 and Panasonic TV I sometimes have to select 'Home Cinema' instead of 'TV Speakers' via an option under the hdmi CEC control 'app' called Viera Link by Panasonic (or Anynet+ in your TV's case) to get the TV to take control of the amp. Is there an Anynet 'app' on the TV or a button in the remote?

EDIT Dante has beat me to it.


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Thanks for the replies guys.

Dante - I've done everything you've said but still no sound. When you use the volume buttons on the tv remote The Samsung TV shows "TX-NR828" and it also turns the volume up/down on the amp. So something has connected along the line there's just no sound signal being passed.

Next step is to try a different cable in case it's that as Rodders has suggested.

Will keep you updated [emoji106]


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I found that on my Sammy D7000 that when using the smart tv functions the sound never went back to the Amp. I gave up with the 'smarts' and got a chromecast instead. I think if you use the optical output everything will work. This is how I have the TV setup now since moving home. I will try later and report back.

Just tried it now. Everything including smarts tv functions work fine via optical.
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Hi all tried it with a new hdmi cable but had the same results as Justy101. Added an optical and it works fine!

Must be an issue with the Samsung/Onyko combo.

Cheers for the suggestions!


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